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Based in Des Moines, Iowa and operating throughout the Midwest, Hubbell Realty Company is the leader in strategic investment through vertically integrated development projects, construction, and property and asset management.

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Full-Service Real Estate Development Operations

Founded in 1856, Hubbell Realty Company is rooted in Des Moines with full-service real estate development operations spanning the Midwest from Kansas City to Sioux Falls. Over the past decade alone we have developed 30+ apartment communities with over 5,000 units, built and sold over 1,000 homes, and are involved in the ongoing management of 2.5 million square feet of commercial real estate in the Greater Des Moines area.

You Know What You’re Doing. It Only Makes Sense to Expect the Same from Us.

We often say we’ve been trusted for generations. In a couple of decades, we’ll be able to say we’ve been trusted for centuries.

Where We’re at Work, What We’re Achieving

Serving investors across a spectrum of disciplines keeps us busy. From offices to senior living communities, you’ll find a Hubbell team hard at work.


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